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Edward was the expert editor for 'Behind Bars', part of the 'Letters for the Ages' series.

Letters for the Ages: Behind Bars is a history of imprisonment told through the letters of people incarcerated over many centuries, for crimes they committed or sometimes even for no reason at all. It is a story that runs from St Paul right up to the present day.

The act of depriving someone of their liberty is one of humankind's most enduring responses to 'crime' through history. What society has sought to achieve over the years by doing so has shifted across the centuries and there is now a variety of purposes: to express disapproval; for the purpose of straight-up punishment through the removal of freedom; to protect the general public; to rehabilitate, perhaps even to forget about those with whom we simply cannot cope.

The letters assembled here come from all parts of the world, and from time immemorial: Thomas Cromwell, Mary Queen of Scots, Eamon De Valera, Al Capone, Martin Luther King and many more.

These letters not only reveal what it is like to be behind bars, but raise issues that are still of pressing interest for us today - such as the death penalty, miscarriages of justice, redemption and social change. They shed light on a system which is primarily one of contradictions - there are letters which inspire, horrify, letters which awe and condemn - even letters which make you laugh or cry.

Published by Bloomsbury Continuum, April 25th 2024. 

Available to order here...

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'Let Us Start Building!': Gedenkschrift for Alonzo L. McDonald (1929 - 2019)

Edward, on behalf of the McDonald Agape Foundation, has compiled and edited a collection of essays in honour of the late Alonzo L. McDonald - businessman, philanthropist, and erstwhile Staff Director to President Jimmy Carter. 

Please contact Edward if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

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Jonathan Aitken and Edward Smyth both experienced a dramatic fall from grace.

Each of them found themselves removed from their homes and loved ones, locked up in prison and having to deal with the fallout of their actions. However, in the middle of their lowest point they discovered something life-changing. God hadn’t forgotten about them.

Doing Time offers encouragement and advice on how to survive and even make the most of life inside prison. Offering the sort of practical and spiritual wisdom that only comes from personal experience, it shows that it is never too late for God to help us find a new way forward in our lives.

Thousands of copies of this book have been sent in to prisons in the UK and Ireland by generous donors. If you are interested in buying copies in bulk to donate to prisons, please get in touch with Edward.

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Edward contributed a chapter to the Monument Fellowship and Clinks' book Crime & Consequence

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